From synthetic substances back to plants

Natural products play an important role in medicine. Up to 80% of the world’s population uses plants as primary care. And their effect is often higher than of synthetic products. Therefore, the interest of scientists moves from synthetic substances back to plants.*

Plants are very complex mixtures containing hundreds of different components. For many, the therapeutic effect is conditioned by the interaction of the individual components. Isolated synthetic products may lose their effectiveness or they have effect in high, relatively toxic doses, while a combination of lower, non-toxic doses are more effective. Therefore, interest is now turned on whole plants, and different processing techniques are examined to maintain the complexity of all the active ingredients in optimum composition.


*Source: STUDIE ZÁZVOR A JEHO ÚČINKY NA ZDRAVÍ (published in: Potravinářská revue, 1/2016) Title: Zázvor a jeho účinky na zdraví. Authors: MILAN HOUŠKA, CSc., Research Institute of Food, Prague, JAN STROHALM, Research Institute of Food Prague, vvi, Prof. MUDr. JIŘINA BARTŮŇKOVÁ, DrSc., Department of Immunology, 2nd Medical Faculty of Charles University and Motol University Hospital, Prague)