From synthetic substances back to plants

Natural products play an important role in medicine. Up to 80% of the world’s population uses plants as primary care. And their effect is often higher than of synthetic products. Therefore, the interest of scientists moves from synthetic substances back…..

How to use Eligin?

Recommended dosage To nonspecific increase in body resistance for a long time 2-3 capsules twice a day. To support immunity in acute conditions for up to 12 capsules a day. To suppress vomiting 2 capsules twice a day Higher doses…..

How is Eligin made?

What is Elicitation? Eligin is processed by a unique method called elicitation. From our point of view, three steps are essential for elicitation: Careful selection of the raw material we use for the production of Eligin – high quality ginger…..

Extra strong ginger to support immune system

Eligin is made of high-quality organic ginger with high levels of active ingredients. Developed by Czech leading scientists.